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Streamlining sports management for schools worldwide.

Save Time
Maximise efficiency with our user-friendly platform. Manage sports programs with ease, saving valuable time
Centralise School Sports
All sports updates in one place. Streamline communication and keep your community connected.
Data-Driven Insights
Enhance sports programs with actionable data. Make informed decisions for better student engagement.
📅 Streamlined Scheduling

Your Complete Solution for School Sports Management

Easily keep your school community informed with the latest schedules, scores, and team updates. Fixturr is accessible from any device, ensuring everyone stays in the loop. 

Our intuitive calendar and sports team management tools reduce admin time, giving you more time to invest in student success.
🏆 Healthy Competition

School Sports Management, Redefined

Designed by PE teachers for PE teachers, Fixturr offers unparalleled control over sports information. 

Manage everything from sports records to in-house competitions with features that prevent scheduling conflicts and promote efficient event confirmation. Embrace a platform that nurtures healthy competition and school spirit.
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Seamless Connectivity with Your Existing Systems

Fixturr seamlessly integrates with a diverse range of MIS and Edtech software, ensuring smooth synchronization of your student data.

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